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Weddings and Couples Photographer

Hello! I’m Sam


I seek connection, the relationships, the laughs, the real you & real me.

I discovered wedding photography about 10 years ago, after having worked in the commercial industry for 5 years. The emotions, the tension and charming beauty of two people celebrating their love, enjoying time with their family and close friends - nothing can beat that. My love for photography commenced at my brother's wedding, it was a very small intimate celebration and there were no photographers. So i took the initiative to take some photos. To this day I still remember the emotions with taking photos. 10 years later, I still get goosebumps and chills when ever the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her for the very first time. Like with anything I do, I’ve put much heart, work and energy into photography. Traveled the world, won awards and contests for best wedding photographer, rising star of wedding photography, etc. Yet, the most rewarding part are still the emotions, and happy messages I receive from my clients. Nothing charges and empowers me more. Apart from photography I also shoot fashion shows and hair models. I love my wife and my beautiful daughter, they give me purpose to do what i do.

Vision & Philosophy

I believe that beauty shows up best when captured candidly, in a non-obtrusive way. I observe before clicking on the shutter button. It's important for me to connect with you as people, to understand who you are and how you express your feelings. The best portraits come to life when the photographer actually sees the real you, no judgement, no personal agenda.


Choosing a photographer is a hard task, we know. With so many talented creatives out there, it all comes down to - can you see yourself in these images? Grab a glass of wine and dive in..


Stories of joy, laughs and a bit of madness.


For those bold, full of life and beauty.


every day is worth beign remembered

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